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Here is a small selection of components, which are produced by KIENZLE Metal. On the top left there is a T1318 head of an enlarger, and an aluminum assembly group on the other side. On the bottom left is a wheeled cart and another head of an enlarger (A67) on the right.


Spare parts for broken dough machine

Backery trade

This is a machine from the bakery trade. A portion of dough is transported on conveyor belts in plastic tray. Since these trays are very brittle and broken often, the company Kienzle Metal replaced those plastic trays and produced trays made   of aluminum, which are a lot more solid and of high quality. Please take a look at the slideshow for detailed information and more pictures.



Model making

Company Liganova

This is a model for an automotive company. Due to the presentation of a new car model, circuits were made   of Plexiglas® tubes. On this construction white acrylic balls were fixed on the Plexiglas® tubes (look like snowflakes).

In this model, an aluminum construction is used as a carrier system. Take a look at the slideshow now to see the steps from the beginning of the design and modeling, until assembly and presentation of the car.


Chair for disabled people

Company Handi Move: Armbruster, Wildberg

This is a chair for disabled people. The frame is made of metal, however, the seat of thermoformed Plexiglas®.

Please take a look at the slideshow to see the steps from the beginning to the finished designed chair, as it is shown in the right picture.



Private customer

This is a windshield made   of Plexiglas® in front of a doorway. This windshield is worn by  a pure aluminium construction.


Partition wall

Restaurant Sonne

This is a movable partition wall made   of Plexiglas®, which is used as a windbreak. The movable wall is a combination of steel and Plexiglas®, because the supports are made of steel.


Frame construction

Company Handi Move: Armbruster, Wildberg

This is a frame construction made of aluminum as an aid for disabled people, thus they can be transported with a lift system on a boat, can be let down in the boat and vice versa transported out of the boat again.


Diving stage for disabled people

Company Handi Move: Armbruster, Wildberg

This is a diving platform for disabled people. For example it is now possible for them to be brought into the bath tub and furthermore to let them down in the bath tub.

This help for disabled people was made of a combination of a stainless steel frame and a lying surface made   of Plexiglas®.


Splitgrade body

Company Heiland Electronic GmbH

This is a splitgrade aluminum body for Heiland Electronic GmbH. On the first panels of the slideshow you can see the pure aluminum frame and then last but not least, the finished splitgrade controller.


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Automatic enlarging easel

Company KIENZLE Phototechnik

For fans of precision darkroom technique, Kienzle has developed a variable automatic enlarging easel. It is made by hand and with this automatic enlarging easel you can achievie exact cut-outs and full-frame edges.



Privat customer

This is a roof made of polycarbonate panels and a supporting aluminum construction. This roof serves as a spatial separation in the interior and is deliberately built with milk glass polycarbonate panels, to ensure adequate lighting for the room. The room is illuminated by the environment of the double-skin panels. Look at the slideshow to see the development of this roof.


Steel/Stainless steel


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Now you can see some examples of our work below, especially items in the combination of metal and Plexiglas®. The following graph illustrates the intersection area of the company KIENZLE Metal and KIENZLE Plexiglas®. In the examples list, you can find clients with almost all possible combinations of our products and intersection products. The slideshow can be controlled and stopped with the scroll wheel.

Customer Examples

Assembly groups

T1318 head

Aluminum assembly group

A67 head

Wheeled cart

Our Customers

Aluminum and Plexiglas®

In our product and service range we also offer not only pure metal parts, but also metal and Plexiglas® combinations. To obtain more detailed information about our Plexiglas® sector, we invite you to visit our website www.kienzle Plexiglas-plexiglas.de

Among our customers there is the optical industry, electronics companies, the baker's trade, companies which produce assistance systems for disabled people and many more customers who request various items of aluminum, steel, stainless steel or even a combination of metal and Plexiglas®.